Choosing the right seeds?

Organic Brands is a must!


So let’s talk about what seeds are worth getting, to put it short it’s any brand of seeds that is non GMO and organic or of heirloom variety. The Burpee website gives you a great description under it’s Non-GMO policy page.

As of April 2014 it states that “As America’s oldest and most trusted supplier of vegetable and flower seeds and plants, Burpee has provided home gardeners with the very best open pollinated and hybrid varieties for more than 100 years. We take great care and pride in supplying seeds that are well suited for both conventional and organic gardens across the U.S., with quality and integrity foremost in mind. For that reason, we do not sell seed that has been genetically modified (GMO). Burpee has never bought or sold GMO seeds, and we have no intention of doing so in the future. There is profound confusion by the public as to what genetically modified seed is and is not. We are here to provide facts that we hope eradicate that confusion, specifically as it relates to Burpee and our seeds. It is important to understand that hybrid seeds are very different from those that are genetically modified. Hybrids seeds are purposely bred in the field to produce offspring that have the best traits of their parent plants. Through a process of careful and painstaking selection, our breeders hand pollinate varieties using controlled transfer of pollen from one parent to another parent, which results in a specific and consistent combination of desirable characteristics. Horticultural experts identify the traits of varieties from within the same species over a period of months and years and develop new varieties that are grown in trial gardens at Fordhook Farm in Pennsylvania. This is much the same process as is used by horse or dog breeders to produce offspring with the desired results. GMO seeds are quite different, however. GMO varieties are not bred in a field or greenhouse; rather, they are developed in a laboratory setting using modern biotechnology. Techniques such as gene splicing are used to extract traits from different species to insert them in to another plant. According to the Non-GMO Project, “this experimental technology merges DNA from different species, creating unstable combinations of plant, animal, bacterial and viral genes that cannot occur in nature or in traditional crossbreeding”.” 

The company Burpee ( is absolutely amazing for giving all that information alone at their website and is amazing in regards to the amazing amount of products they have to offer. As for the heirloom seeds they are vegetables that are pretty much old-time varieties (pre WW2) open-pollinated instead of hybrid, and saved and handed down through multiple or many generations of families so in other words they to are organic or non GMO.

Other non-gmo brands that are also organic would include “Seedsnow” or and they are probably my favorite company as all their products are non GMO and organic as some companies will have non GMO seeds or products but not organic (Which simply means pesticides were used prior but non genetic engineering and it should be noted that this can be grown still organic since no genetic modification was used). “Seedsnow” will provide you also with great deals where you can save 5 dollars off with every purchase with coupons that will be provided to you after your first purchase and even leave happy faces and wish you the best of luck when growing their products. There will be even more ways you can save money here at their website as well, including free shipping with orders over 20 dollars.

seedsnowcuponsGive it a try!

Other good non-GMO and Organic brands out there will include “Seeds of change” as well as “Seedz” which can be obtained on Amazon.

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