Guild Gardening and 2 Plants that could possibly end world hunger?


First off what we must know is this, world hunger can only ever end unless the population of the world as a whole general census came together and worked out a plea to have each country agree to a sort of treaty to where they all set aside land strictly for the use of growing a crop. Many countries already in the world have a good majority of crops growing for different uses but also unfortunately many of which are genetically modified or engineered. These being corn, soy, beets and wheat are 90% roughly grown all GMO. Would could argue that this great as these crops will grow faster and these preservatives will keep them fresh but the problem is our bodies cannot intake these preservatives and other ingredients and can be toxic. For example Glyphosate that active ingredient found in “Round Up” that is used to kill weeds is being used in majority of our commercial brand crops and while biodegradable it will unfortunately remain inside among the crops we eat this mainly among the soy crop especially. We would need to grow fields of organic crops to fix this, yes it would be slower and produce smaller yields of fruit but no more health problems and living longer and happier healthy lives is worth it. So what about plants that can be grown in the woods and forests? We don’t need to chop down a whole bunch of trees for fields of produce at all actually. Matter of fact the best thing to do is “Vertical Gardening” or “Guild Gardening” which means we can use poles and trees for our plant buddies. Vertical Gardening we can use man made objects for the plants to climb on, teepees, poles, a trellis, you name it but how about a tree already a plant in nature that would love to have vines growing on it. Most people in our modern day don’t realize that originally in nature many plants simply grew on trees, these include wild grapes (Which can be edible) as well as nightshade (Poisonous) as there are many plants that grow on trees and prefer to rather than in a field. A “guild garden” is called this because a tree will be the guild master and provide shade and other nutrients for the other plants then the bushes and vines and strong herbs to help prevent predators. The Iroquois used the “Three sisters” Method when growing their crops, They would have corn and then beans grow around the corn and climb on it and in return the beans gave nutrient to the soil for the corn which specifically was nitrogen and then have squash grown around to make this harder for predators to get at the corn. Nature has done guild gardening on its own without mankind interfering for thousands for years and it may be soon time again where everyone should know this and apply this and remember how nature does things. What are 2 plants that can then that would really help as vital food source and help end world hunger then? Well no matter what some of us are not blessed to own plots of land yet sadly so what to do? If your in the city rooftop gardens if possible but if your in the suburbs and have little land to use? Well I would say go the local woods and grow strawberries and peanuts. Why these two plants? These 2 plants will produce on their own with low maintenance required because both of these plants will produce something we farmers and gardeners call “runners” and these runners are the ultimate way of procreation in my opinion, the plant will literally look for more space and produce another plant. Strawberries can use their seeds to procreate or branch out and dip down and produce another plant from it’s mother plant. Peanuts will be very similar but these runners will come from under the ground from another peanut as well. Both will reproduce another plant on their own free will. Peanuts will be great for the other plants in the woods as well as they will give nitrogen to the soil due to this being in the same family as beans (Legume) as it is technically a bean and not a nut. In terms of a food source all know that peanuts will give much protein for those who are vegan or vegetarians. So while the peanut does not create an actual runner like a strawberry it does grow unusual. Peanuts are self-pollinating plants, meaning they will not require outside aid, such as honey bees or other insects carrying pollen from one plant to another in it’s reproduction cycle. After the seed is planted, the first flowers begin to appear roughly 5 weeks and will bloom for six or more weeks. As each flower grows older, it drops closer to the ground so that, when it does come time to pollinate, the ovary comes close to the ground to allow for easy insertion of it’s pod. So both of these plants are quite vital for growing, strawberries will give Vitamin C and other antioxidants. One serving of strawberries contains 51.5 mg of vitamin C-about half of your daily requirement, a full cup would then be roughly 100mg. I know unfortunately many people are now having more allergies from food such as peanuts and this is increasing with every generation and there are many theories on why this has happened, the most popular theory is mankind being to used to eating synthetic foods and products as well as due the artificial ingredients in food now being used for decades. My Grandfather always told me “There was never this many allergies back when I was growing up” and quite frankly I believe him. So maybe peanuts may not be as suitable as strawberries but they sure do grow fast as well on it’s own and even has a type actually called “runner peanuts” that is now favored in the United States. Perhaps it is a fast growing sub-species or tastes better.

Overall the point is that it is without a doubt if grown naturally and in the wild these plants will grow fast and can be dominant to survive on it’s own and this could theoretically end world hunger if everyone played a hand in it. Both of these plants would require pretty much full sun but they would thrive regardless. as I have planted both already in woods before. Some animals will definitely do anything to snag those peanuts but there will be many if given the chance to grow.

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