About me and the goal

I am a mass of energy just like anyone else here presently on what we call the 3rd dimension. I seek higher goals to accomplish many great things. Upon living here believed to be my 3rd time back here on this earth, I would like get everyone to work together and use their potential for the greater good. I am many things in terms of what I have achieved here so far but I am no where near by any means a perfect but instead a human who wishes to use what is left that I can use in this lifetime to acquire my 3rd dimensional goals.. And that is to save this world and protect this dimension. Upon here I will teach what I know.

Tell me how much longer will you live on this earth? What will you give back to nature as you pass through your time here? We take from nature but have you gave enough back to it? What will do you 10 years from now? What would you want to do 10 years from now? Better question what will you want to do 500 years from now when your soul is gone or on the astral plane or will you be in the light of heaven or reincarnated again? Maybe Purgatory or trials in the depths of the underworld? If you really truly want to live life to the fullest as they say, then you will need to give more to nature to get back from nature and this applies in many ways. This is the true metaphysical ways of thinking, to think intangible 4th dimensional.. True love is intangible so it will last hopefully for an eternity.. not just one life time. Death do us apart? No.. Death never do us apart. Love can last a fragment for one’s lifetime but my friends I tell you true love will never end. Only the 3rd dimension can we find here that things will end. True love, can be when a someone dies from a car crash the next day and you never decide to remarry and end all your primal desires because you loved that person so damn much. I once had an uncle who always told his daughters that he would never want another wife when his wife passed, the toll and strain on his body hurt him so much but he didn’t care he knew he would be with his wife again. When you love someone so much you only feel the spirit at some point and not with the flesh. Most of us do not know the laws of spirituality outside of our own dimension. Every day people walk by not knowing when this day will be there last, how will you spend you moments everyday? What goals can you still do even when you are dead? Who really knows, but what is fact is this.. The only things that last here on earth are the intangible things, music is a fine example as these melody or rhythm of vibrations are made they are known or written down forever. A memory in our head that never goes away. The love we give here that remains true can travel across dimensions. The goals and agendas and products of our creation… A father or mother who creates a business and passes this down to his children. An army so strong of intangible energy the lasts through out ages for the bodies of new young men and women to fill it. The teachings of parents to their children and passed down again. These are typically intangible and they usually last but sometimes they don’t when chaos or tragedy occurs through someone’s mistakes or purpose greed and lust. Some things here can last forever when taught with the greatest lights of love and joy such as the teachings of the divine and our prophets and messengers.

We cannot walk this world alone forever, psychologically we all need someone.. Family, a spouse, or a friend or a teacher. When we are alone we think, when we are with people wo do more. The question is what will you do with that unity and what will you apply to it?

I want to help you live and give back to nature and love.. So you can do the same for others. Let us live longer and stronger together, teach each other, protect each other so that way nobody has to be alone anymore. Let’s work on eating the right organic foods and substances to live heathier then let’s take their seeds and give back to the earth. Each Avocado has one seed, why not take one seed of each fruit and give it back? Why don’t we quit using so much and pollute less? If we want this earth to even sustain so many people we will need to work with what the Lord our creator ever gave us. No matter what religion is or what prophet you follow this is a true fact. God, Lord, Allah, Yahweh, Yahawah, Ahura Mazda, Param Akshar, YHWH, there are many names for the creator of all forgive me if I leave out any but the point is we all know him deep down whether you choose to work with or against the creator is entirely up to the individual. Many forms of life have came and gone from this earth, the nephilim, angels, demons, demi-gods, extraterrestrials, dinosaurs, maybe something we never even heard of yet or can’t even explain. Why don’t we make sure we last longer here on the 3rd dimension. As society goes on you can see the evolution and adaption in people yes and in others well maybe not so much but what is apparent is empathy has became more known than ever and empathy is but just a lower from of telepathy. I have an honest prediction that even in the future chaos that may come from the fate of things such as a holy war or a second coming Christ or a touch down from aliens or any sort of major event that a future generation will know 5th dimensional values and understand the ways the vibrations work and do amazing things like telekinesis or telepathy. Quantum physics teaches that everything is broken down to a vibration. To achieve such evolution from nature, we all must understand that this power from nature is only given to those who understand the very nature of it and that to get it you must give it first. Give back to nature enough and nature will reward you.. become one with the planet and everything around you will be one with you. You feel the vibrations of others when one is angry, it is the easiest thing to sense without any sort of super powers because the force and energy of anger is so strong. You can feel any type of energy when you are a calm conduit and listen to what your body tells you. I myself wanted to know the truth from people so much that one day after enough hurt my body began to tell me the vibrations of many things from many different people, some call this ESP or a lower form of clairvoyance. I tell you my friends, let us all learn from this universe, space and time, the cosmos, all the dimensions and evolve together with nature and protect this realm from the wicked and those who choose to align themselves through the foolishness of being selfish and giving into those beings that the Lord had already damned for challenging the creator’s might. We were created in the image of the Lord let us show love to the earth as the Lord has done. Let us always love and show mercy to even those we dislike so that way no one is ever alone here.. Remember we are all one and came from the one above in the lights.