Vitamin B17 (Laetrile)

“The Cure to Cancer”

Laetrile contains a high amount of vitamin B17 found in apricot fruits, and almonds. They contain Amygdalin an entity known to kill cancer cells.

– Amygdalin contains 3 basic components; Glucose, Benzaldehyde, and Cyanide.

Cyanide is a cancer destroying agent, it’s a harmful compound that is dangerous to all cancer cells, this equally makes the laetrile substances dangerous to cancer.

– Studies have shown laetrile is quite harmless to cells but very toxic to cancer cells as this is the same with the cyanide compound. Cyanide is almost found in all fruits we the ratios of which will vary from different fruit.

My References: Edward G. Griffon stated that “A control for cancer is known and it comes from nature but is not widely available to the public because it cannot be patented and therefore is not commercially attractive to the pharmaceutical industry.” Dr. Kanematsu Sugiura who has authored more than 250 papers and was a prominent entity at Kettering Cancer Center took it upon himself to study Laetrile, discovered it worked by curing tumors on mice at first, a swift movement was the beginning then a shut down and his research was buried and destroyed inevitably. This was documented from overall the 1970s as well fun fact.

-The FDA has made the purchase of laetrile supplements almost impossible to obtain Vitamin B17. In order for a doctor to use laetrile supplements they or their patient must confess to the FDA that the doctor is using laetrile in their practice in other words the supplement are effectively illegal because no doctor wants to admit using it. A daily dose of apricot kernels will range from 24 to 40, and for a person in remission 16 apricot kernels a day used as minimum. I’m just going to say it if you fear the idea of using this method it is understandable for someone who never eats seeds like that or raw almonds so I encourage you that if you believe nothing from this blog or article then do the home work yourself and find and review the comments of those who have eaten multiple apple seeds and have lived, our bodies can actually tolerate certain amounts of Cyanide and even adapt too it. This will apply when those who grow up eating these things and only stuck to natural foods straight out of nature. It is all about a level of tolerance of eating these things, certain things should not be touched at all such as black nightshade and it’s berries of death but almonds, apricots and apples and seeds can be tolerated in small doses and eventually the body can tolerate even more. If you get a stomach stop and use common sense that you shouldn’t eat anymore, it is like that when eating or digesting anything. Those with the B blood type tend to have better luck digesting dairy than someone than the O blood type for example.

Further Vitamin B17 Analysis and the science behind it

– The Cyanide content of amygdalin is in the form of cyanogenic glucoside of the nitriloside family of water-soluble sugar compounds found in plants. Science has studied this substance and found that it inhibits cancer cell growth and causes cell apoptosis in kidney cells, breast cells, and even prostate cancer cells. Cancer cells contain an enzyme called glucoside at three thousand times the level of a healthy cell when this enzyme comes into contact with a nitriloside a chemical reaction brakes down the nitriloside into hydrogen cyanide and benzaldehyde. The cyanide kills the cell, a healthy cell doesn’t contain enough glucosidase to release the cyanide.

– In  2007, the USDA mandated that all U.S grown almonds be pasteurized which means heated for those who don’t know or for non-organic almonds be gassed with their toxic gas propylene oxide (PPO) a probably human carcinogen. It should be noted that PPO is banned in Canada and the European Union. Pasteurization destroys enzymes and valuable phytonutrients and lowers vitamin E content.

“I think its important to understand that government, in most cases is not the solution its the problem. As long as people think that the government is supposed to take care of them and protect them and that they can trust their politicians – as long as they think that they’re in deep trouble because of that kind of thinking” – Edward Griffon, author and film maker and advocate for natural cancer treatment.

In my personal opinion there is a cure for anything, most is probably something out of nature and the only thing that matters is how ambitious are you to want to live healthy and to your max potential? Do you want to live in fear of these things every day? Do you want to live normally if normally involves chemotherapy and a low success rate? I know I don’t. So it important you act now and not deal with this bullshit. Thank you for taking time out of your day to read through my blogs and support my website and business.

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