Christian Mysticism


What does it mean to be a Christian Mystic?

Growing up as a Christian we are typically taught that using magic is bad or of the devil, also just known as “Witchcraft” well let’s take a look, a deeper look, at what magic is. First off, I would like to say I am, by no way, telling anyone to give up their way of thinking or beliefs, but rather offering my own perspective and a new insight on what magic truly is.

There are many definitions of magic and witchcraft you will see on the internet, but they do not really capture what magic truly means. “Magic” overall, is the use of one’s mana which is the soul’s essence and the will/intent to do something astral or 4th dimensionally speaking. So here is an example, whenever you pray to God (The Creator of all/The Alpha and the Omega, etc.) you use your mana by sending that energy of your will and intent to the Creator, God, Yahweh (from a Jewish perspective), or Allah (from a Muslim perspective). Praying to God is literally just the same way any pagan would do at their alter that we do pretty much at a church every Sunday. Praying to a GOD at an ALTER is like a pagan praying to their GOD at an ALTER on a selected day maybe for a specific spell. Now granted as a Christian we can typically pray whenever we feel like, but so can any Pagan.

Let’s talk about incantations really quick, so for those that don’t know, a lot of what went down in the bible dealt with much of witchcraft and sorcery. If we go off of sources outside the bible from reading the “Sefer Yetzirah” or the Kabbalah, which is the ancient Jewish tradition of mystical interpretation of the Bible, we learn that at some point in early history: magic was allowed. The book of Psalms are spells written by King David,  King Solomon, and Moses and was taught magic by God. Magic isn’t all doom and gloom either, originally it was there for the bettering of mankind, but yes people did abuse it doing black magic trying to manipulate another person’s freewill or causing harm among someone else. Child sacrifices to Moloch obviously was a very bad thing or any human sacrifice is never good and of only demonic, evil work . King Solomon’s lineage abused witchcraft horribly. In the “Testament of Solomon,” which is an ancient manuscript or grimoire, it is described that he had the power to command demons due to a ring given to him from the Arch Angel Micheal and this ring is often called the “Seal of Solomon” or otherwise known as the “Star of David” (The 6 sided star is a symbol of masculine and feminine energies along with the cross) now granted we do not know how truly accurate this is but if this did actually happen that would be a very interesting truth to be known.  Moses’ brother Aaron, his rod/staff held much mystical importance as well as it was made from almond bark, this is mentioned in Numbers Chapter 17 and Hebrews 9:4. A lot of animal sacrifices are mentioned in the old testament of the bible, as typically this was used for magic as well, however it is thought that when Jesus died on the cross, he was the sacrifice for all our sins so that those plant and animal sacrifices were no longer needed. Of course there are some horror stories of sacrifice as well, in the year 1702 Thomas Busby was trialed and found guilty for the murder of Daniel Awety, but before he died, he would literally curse his favorite chair that anyone who sat on it would die and well since he died, he was the sacrifice for that chair and the chair is now hanging up in a museum in North Yorkshire, UK. With a 63-kill count, it’s probably hanging up and not allowed to sit in to this day for a very damn good reason.

Really quick what is a sacrifice? Yeah a person dying is definitely a powerful sacrifice, Jesus Christ is our proof. Amen. Modern day typically burning of incense or oil and herbs is done (Not that bad right?), but I got a better one. Sometimes all that is needed for a legit sacrifice is literally your energy. Your tears or someone crying into their prayer or spell, all of that emotion is so strong and passionate that it may definitely be heard. To the Christians out there, have you ever noticed the prayers that you really end up putting your all into with that emotion end up coming true or being answered the most? Your energy and your love and your intent that you put behind those prayers was your sacrifice 🙂

Jesus dying for our sins was probably the biggest moment in history as a few things had happened. Purgatory in theory would have been created, as purgatory is essentially your second chance to get into Heaven, it is also very similar to the Astral Plane. Jesus dying on the cross had literally invented the school of Christian Mysticism. Exorcism incantations being cast in the name of Jesus Christ could now be done. When Jesus died on the cross that cross became no longer just a symbol of combination of masculine and feminine energies, but a weapon against demons and wicked spirits. In the book of Acts, Paul is a total badass and is able to exorcism in the name of Jesus. The disciples of Christ could heal the sick, conduct exorcisms, and perform miracles all in the name of the savior Jesus Christ/Yahshua. In Acts 16:18 (She kept this up for many days. Finally, Paul became so troubled that he turned around and said to the spirit, “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to come out of her!” At that moment the spirit left her) it seemed like Paul may have been even able to do it with ease. His faith in Jesus was so strong, his mana or will/intent must have been pretty great. Jesus loves everyone and did not judge, this is most evident in the famous verse John 8:7 “Let he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone at her.” Jesus didn’t judge pagans or magic users harshly either as it just wouldn’t make sense. The main sin that Jesus mentioned he was against was about divorce in Matthew 19: 8-11. That being said, these divorce rates lately in that last couple decades should highly be addressed lol. Before Jesus Christ, any exorcism was typically done through Angelic Mysticism and ancient Jewish Mysticism.

Angelic Mysticism, originally taught to Enoch (who is the ancestor of Noah) was taught by the Arch Angel Uriel. Eventually he would be raptured and become the angel known as Metatron. The angels, the Nephilim, the other deities, and gods have always been there. Angelic Mysticism is tricky and most information you find about it come mainly from sources from medieval times and that typically isn’t the most trusted sources as sometimes you may accidentally stumble across demonic sigils or man made sigils and not actual angelic sigils. As a matter of fact, real angelic sigils are most likely lost throughout the time, so you are better off meditating for a sigil in your own subconscious for that type of magic, as it is way safer to do so. The best bet is honestly Catholic traditional prayers to St. Micheal or St. Raphael (Arch Angels Micheal and Raphael) as these are often the same prayers or incantations usually used for exorcism and healing. Alright my pagan friends, don’t hate on the Catholic Church too much as they have some pretty famous figures that are worth honorable mentions, as they are labeled as Christian Mystics. St. Joseph of Cupertino and Padre Pio are quite known for their superhuman miracles. St. Joseph of Cupertino was able to levitate and fly so essentially aerokinesis or heavy amount of mana due to his devoted worship to God. Honestly, that is probably the most motivational thing ever to want to be a Christian Mystic. Padre Pio was able to heal a 14 year old boy from Typhus whom had it for years and both him and St. Francis of Assisi had Stigmata. Some of these saints were able to glow and had many spiritual gifts which is all due to a devotion of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, this would be a good time to reference 1st Corinthians 12:28, “In the Church God has appointed first of all the Apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then workers of miracles, also those having gifts of healing, those to help others, those with the gifts of administration, and those speaking in different tongues.”

So what about a Christian that wants to worship God and the god Thor? Well if you have a gut feeling like really shouldn’t, then don’t. If you’re feeling ambitious and would like to, then maybe start your prayer or spell starting with “In the name of Creator…” or “In the name of Jesus, I call upon…” this way your at least putting Yahweh first and still holding true to the 10 commandments. Myself personally, despite everything I’ve learned, the only god I worship, is the creator or God the almighty, Yahweh, YHWH, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have awesome pagan friends or wiccans that will gladly all pray together and pay our respects, that or we’ll kick it and play some Pokemon or some shit. Jesus wanted everyone not to judge and love one another. Being a Christian Mystic means we look past the boundaries of the mainstream church or mainstream ways of thinking that only promote hate and negativity and take a deeper understanding in what Jesus taught. Hey, I’m not the only one, like I said, there were others before me who were Christian Mystics like St. Joseph of Cupertino or the big man himself, Jesus Christ.

In conclusion, when it comes to magic whether you should do it or not, ask yourself, “Why am I doing magic first?” Remember it always starts with the will and intent. Are you going to cause some poor bastard harm? If so, then I really think you shouldn’t be doing magic or are you going to give back to nature or promote healing and loving intentions with magic? If so, then do the magic or go do Reiki healing because the earth, Mother Nature, and lot of people, need healing.



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  1. I read this because I’m researching the Busby Stoop chair for a podcast and this post came up on a search. So glad I did. I found this post insightful. I, like you, try not to judge others based on their spiritual journey.


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